Mini Certification Course on Amibroker Automation

Quantzilla 3.0 - Dec'22 Edition

Course Curriculum

Algorithmic Trading Strategies - Part 1

  • What is a Trading Strategy & Requirements for Automating the Trades
  • How to develop a Trading Strategy using Amibroker
  • How to Automate the Trading Strategy
  • How to Automate the Trading Strategy to Punch in Multiple Accounts
  • Daily routine check to ensure smoother trading execution

Algorithmic Trading Strategies - Part ​​​​2

  • Building an Intraday Portfolio Trading Strategy
  • How to Setup Intraday Portfolio Trading
  • Reducing the Trading Risk in Positional Trading Strategy
  • Understanding Trade Logs and the Importance of Trade Logs
  • How to deploy a multi-Portfolio Trading Strategy
Algorithmic Trading Strategies -Part 3
  • Different Type of Orders
  • Building a Bracket Order Strategy
  • Building a Cover Order Strategy
  • Building a Simple Options Strategy
  • Building a Multi Legged Options Strategy

Algorithmic Trading Strategies -Part 4

  • Intraday Straddle Execution
  • Handling Split Order Module
  • Handling Limit Order Execution

Pre-Requisites - Amibroker 6.0 version or higher

Duration – 6 hours to 7.5 hours

Online Delivery – A focused learning experience consisting of practical sessions conducted through online meetings.

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

The course is designed for traders who want to learn tactics and methodologies to automate their trading ideas.

Gain familiarity with the broad area of algorithmic trading strategies. Master the underlying theory and mechanics behind the most common strategies

Who Should attend the course?

Retail Traders, Students, Brokers, Sub-Brokers, Authorized Persons, Dealers & Fund Managers