Mini Certification on Market Profile

TRADEZILLA 6.0 Preview Webinar.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Market Profile (Basic Terminologies & Building Blocks), Importance of Halfback, Value Area & Point of Control

  • Introduction to Market Profile
  • Introduction to Auction Market Theory
  • Understanding Point of Control & Value Area
  • Importance of Point of Control & Value Area
  • Market Profile vs Volume Profile which one to use?
  • Setting the TPO Size
  • Point of Control Based Strategies
  • Open Drive Setup

Different Types of Profile Structure and How to the importance of Day Types

  • Different Profile Structure
  • Trading Strategies using Profile Structure
  • Identifying New Money/Old Money from Profile Structure
  • Understanding Liquidation and visualizing using Market Profile
  • Breakout Failure Trade Setups
  • Failed Auction Based Trade Setups

Market Open Types and How to Read Market Confidence from Open Types

  • Market Open Types & Trading Strategies using Market Open Types
  • Measuring Market Confidence from Market Open Type
  • Balanced Vs Imbalanced Structure
  • Poor Structure Vs Symmetric Structure
  • Weaker References
  • How to Prepare for the Trading Day