Option Hydra 5.0 - July'22 Edition

India's Biggest Options Mentorship Program Using VPA and PriceAction

What is Option Hydra?

Option Hydra Provides a trading framework for options traders to manage their options trades effectively in various market conditions and help you to acquire trading skills that is highly necessary to build a professional options trading career out of it.

What do we learn?

Options Trading - Essentials - Part 1

  • Overview of Options Trading in Indian Markets
  • Understanding the nuts and bolts of Futures and Options Trading
  • Understanding Call and Put Options
  • Understanding the Option Chain
  • Understanding the Open Interest in Options
  • Understanding the Volume and Liquidity in Options
  • Introduction to Option pricing
  • Introduction to F&O Margin Components
  • How to use the Margin Calculator and the Importance of using the Margin Calculator
  • New Margin Calculation as per SEBI regulations
  • Cash Secured Put Strategy for Investors
  • Exercising Options (European Options Vs American Options)
  • Cash Delivery Vs Compulsory Physical Delivery
  • How to Interpret the Open interest Charts
  • How to take a view using Open Interest and Price Structure
  • Understanding Theta Decay
  • Weekly Options Vs Monthly Options
  • Understanding the Payoff Graph of Long Call Options and Long Put Options
  • Understanding the Payoff Graph of Short Call Options and Short Put Options
  • Understanding the Moneyness of the Option
Options Trading - Essentials - Part 2
  • How to Apply Top-down approach to take an objective view in the Market
  • How to Understand the Market Structure?
  • How to get a Trading Perspective?
  • Importance of Measuring the Volatility
  • Understanding Implied Volatility
  • Realized Volatility Vs Unrealized Volatility
  • Introduction to Volatility Skew
  • How to retrieve historical option data open interest from NSE india portal
  • Importance of reading India VIX
Options Trading - Essentials - Part 3
  • IV percentile & IV Rank
  • Classification of Strategies with IV percentile
  • Event Trading and the Options Premium Behavior during Events
  • Implied Volatility Crush during Event
  • How to trade Options during event
  • Simple Price Action Pattern in Trading Events
  • How to Trade Post Market Event and How to Trade Ongoing Event
  • How to Design your options Strategy and efficiently manage your Margin Requirements
  • Different Market Participants and How to read Open Interest data of various Market Players
Options Trading - Advanced - Part 1
  • Understanding the Option Greeks
  • Importance of Option Greeks and Option Premium Behavior (Useful for Option Buyers & Option Sellers)
  • Option Price Behavior Vs Underlying Price Behavior
  • Impact of Gamma on Options Impact
  • Lottery tickets on Expiry and Emotional Trading Sentiment on Expiry Day
  • Understanding Nifty IV and IV Percentile Graph
  • Call Side Volatility Skew Vs Put Side Volatility Skew
  • Speculations of Stock Options and How to benefit from the behavior
Options Trading - Advanced - Part 2
  • Understanding Bull Call Spread & Bear Put Spread
  • Understanding Bull Put Spread & Bear Call Spread
  • Trading Scenarios for various trading strategies
  • What-If Scenarios for Vertical Spread
  • Strike Price Impact due to Corporate Action
  • How to Select Optimal Strikes for Vertical Spread
  • Understanding OI Live and OI EOD to measure the Institutional Positions
  • Margin Requirements for Vertical Spreads
  • Vertical Spreads vs Ladder Strategies
  • Covered Call Strategies
  • Best Trading Practices for Executing Vertical spreads
Options Trading - Advanced - Part 3
  • What is Synthetic Covered Call
  • Understanding Vertical Spread, Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spreads
  • Expiry Trading Vs Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spreads
  • Margin Requirement for Calendar Spreads and Diagonal Spreads
  • Leap Options, Liquidity in Options
  • How to achieve consistent returns and reduced risk using Option Spread Strategies
  • Understanding Payoff Graph for Diagonal Spreads and How to select Option Strikes
  • Constructing Safer Strategies using Spreads, Risk-Reward Analysis
  • Income Trading Strategy Double Diagonal Spreads
  • Income Trading Strategy Double Calendar Spreads
  • Best Trading Practices and Learning from Mentor Experience
  • Reverse Calendar Spreads - Neutral Strategies
Options Trading - Advanced - Part 4
  • What is Volatility?
  • Volatility Trading Principles
  • What makes the market to go sideways?
  • Policy Measures and Market Reaction to the Policy Measures
  • Trend Vs Balance
  • How to Execute Option Strategies for Small Accounts to get Reduced Margin Benefits
  • When to execute Strangles and Strangles and how to manage straddles and strangles
  • Margin Requirements for Straddles & Strangles
  • How to use the Option Spread AFLs (Requires Amibroker)
  • Implied Volatility and Standard Deviation Move Calculation
Options Trading - Advanced - Part 5
  • When to Execute Twisted Sister Trading Strategy
  • Margin Requirement for Twisted Sister Trading Strategy
  • Twisted Sister Vs Jade Lizard
  • Chicken Iron Condor and Variation of Chicken Iron condor
  • Collar Options Trading Strategy
  • Best Trading Practices and How to manage the risk
Options Trading - Elite - Part 1
  • Introduction to Options Backtesting
  • How to Implement Options Trade Automation using Tradingview
  • How to Implement Options Trade Automation using Amibroker
  • Building Trend Following Option Strategies with reduced risk
  • Building low-risk - medium reward option selling strategies and automating it.
  • Building Market Neutral Options Trading Algo Strategy.
  • Building Profitable Intraday Option Trading Model.
Options Trading - Elite - Part 2
  • Framework for Designing Option Strategies
  • What is Option Adjustments
  • Importance of Option Adjustments
  • Debit Spread Adjustment
  • Credit Spread Adjustment
  • Probability of ITM
Volume Spread Analysis
  • Law of Supply and Demand
  • Law of Cause and Effect
  • Law of Effort vs Result
  • Understanding Wyckoff Market Cycle (Accumulation, MarketUp, Distribution, Market Down)
  • Nuts and Bots of Volume Spread Analysis
  • Understanding Sign of Weakness (Buyers Exhaustion)
  • Understanding Sign of Strength (Seller Exhaustion)
  • How to Read VSA Charts and Signals
  • Understanding VSA bar types
  • Effort Vs Results
  • The Path of Least Resistance
  • When High Volume Occurs at Market Tops?
  • Understanding Shakeout
  • Understanding Stopping Volume
  • How to Recognize the Market Tops and Market Botton using VSA
  • Understanding Buying Climax Vs Selling Climax
  • Top Down Analysis, Trade Preparation and Checklist for VSA Analysis
Price Action Trading
  • Price Action Trading to Identify Support & Resistance
  • Sticking to the Reality with Price Action & Volatility
  • Short Covering & Long Liquidation Price action Patterns
  • Breakout Failure Trading Patterns
  • How to trade the event day using price action
  • Price Action in a Highly Volatile Markets Vs Low Volatile Markets
  • Handling Price Action in a Bull Market Vs Bear Market
  • Trading the open with simple price action strategies
  • Importance of VWAP tracking
Features / Benefits
  • Tradestudio 3 Months
  • Previous and Current Recording session access For One Year
  • Private Trading community access for Lifetime