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Everything you need to know about Designing Trading Systems and Algorithmic Trading.

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What you will learn?


Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of quantitative analysis and data-driven decision-making like never before?

Look no further than the Quantzilla: Combined Total 1 to 7 Edition – the ultimate compendium of quantitative analysis tools, techniques, and knowledge spanning seven comprehensive editions. This remarkable resource is designed for students, professionals, and enthusiasts seeking to master the art and science of quantitative analysis.

525+ Hours of Course Content

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Discover the world of quantitative trading with the comprehensive "Amibroker Basics" series, spanning ten in-depth parts. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader looking to enhance your skills, this series provides a holistic understanding of Amibroker and quantitative trading strategies.

Part 1 - Getting Started:

  • Installing Amibroker: Learn how to set up Amibroker, the versatile trading software.
  • Exploring Amibroker's Features: Get acquainted with the rich feature set of Amibroker.
  • Database Management: Understand how to work with data feeds and databases, including real-time and end-of-day data.

Part 2 - Advanced Charting:

  • Multiple Chart Planes: Master the art of using multiple chart planes for in-depth analysis.
  • Custom Intraday Timeframes: Customize timeframes to suit your trading style.
  • Various Types of Bars: Explore different bar types like Heiken Ashi, Renko, Market Profile, and more.
  • Layouts and Templates: Learn how to create and manage layouts, templates, tabs, and sheets.
  • Drawing Tools: Utilize drawing tools such as trendlines, channels, Fibonacci retracements, and apply indicators.
  • Contract Adjustments: Understand continuous vs. non-continuous contracts for futures trading.

Part 3 - Indicators and Strategies:

  • Built-in and Custom Indicators: Dive into Amibroker's built-in indicators and create your own.
  • Scanning and Exploration: Learn how to scan the market and explore trading opportunities.
  • Building Trading Systems: Create buy and sell trading systems with signals and backtest them.

Part 4 - Licensing and Automation:

  • Free vs. Paid Versions: Understand the differences between Amibroker's free and paid licenses.
  • Automated Trading: Discover how to automate your trading strategies.
  • Optimization: Optimize your trading strategies for better performance.
  • Alerts: Configure alerts and notifications within Amibroker.
  • VPS Setup: Install Amibroker on a Virtual Private Server for uninterrupted trading.

Part 5 - AFL Programming:

  • AFL Basics: Understand the syntax, commenting, and array manipulation.
  • Built-in Functions: Explore commonly used functions like EMA, RSI, MACD, etc.
  • User-Defined Functions: Create your own custom functions.
  • Plotting: Use the plot function to visualize trading signals.

Part 6 - Advanced AFL Programming:

  • Realtime Data and Database: Connect to real-time data and import IEOD and EOD data.
  • Conditional Statements: Master conditional statements and nested conditions.
  • AFL Editor: Navigate the AFL editor, use code snippets, and plot trading signals.
  • Scanners and Exploration: Build powerful scanning and exploration modules.

Part 7 - Backtesting and Analysis:

  • Backtesting Strategies: Create and backtest trading systems.
  • Metrics and Analysis: Explore key metrics like CAGR, equity curve, risk-adjusted returns, and more.
  • Monte Carlo Analysis: Assess strategy robustness using Monte Carlo simulations.

Part 8 - Intraday and Multi-Timeframe Trading:

  • Intraday Systems: Build a comprehensive intraday trading system.
  • Slippage Handling: Understand transaction cost analysis and slippage management.
  • Multi-Timeframe Strategies: Develop non-repainting and intra-bar execution strategies.

Part 9 - Alerts and Optimization Techniques:

  • Alert Configuration: Learn how to send alerts via various channels.
  • Optimization: Dive into the world of strategy optimization and walk-forward testing.

Part 10 - Advanced Topics:

  • Options Trading: Explore options trading concepts, Greeks, and strategies.
  • Portfolio Trading: Build portfolio trading strategies with risk management.
  • Pair Trading: Backtest pair trading strategies and understand correlation and co-integration.
  • Trading Adjustments: Implement adjustments in options trading strategies.

The Quantzilla Combined Total 1 to 6 Edition empowers you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the complexities of data, transforming it into valuable insights that drive informed decisions. Whether you're a student, professional, or lifelong learner, Quantzilla is your comprehensive guide to becoming a quant powerhouse. Unlock the potential of data and analytics with Quantzilla and chart your course toward a successful, data-driven future.

Included Edition:

Quantzilla 3.0 - 7th Edition
Quantzilla 3.0 - 6th Edition
Quantzilla 2.0 - 5th Edition
Quantzilla 2.0 - 4th Edition
Quantzilla 2.0 - 3rd Edition
Quantzilla 2.0 - 2nd Edition
Quantzilla 2.0 - 1st Edition

Complimentary Access

  • 1 Year of Tradestudio Access worth of Rs.42,000/-
  • Practical Approach to Amibroker Scanners and Exploration Course access worth of Rs.1,500
  • Introduction to Rotational Trading Worth of Rs.10,000
  • Mini Certification course on Algorithmic Trading Strategies Worth of Rs. 8,750
  • Deep Introduction to Static Variables and Dynamic Variables Worth of Rs. 25,000
  • Mini Certification on Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Package Contents

Quantzilla 3.0 Basic Mar'23 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 3.0 Advanced Mar'23 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 3.0 Basic Dec'22 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 3.0 Advanced Dec'22 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Basic - Sep 2021 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Advanced - Sep 2021 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Basic Dec 2021 Edition
Rajandran R
QuantZilla 2.0 Advanced - Dec 2021 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Advanced Mar 2022 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Basic Mar 2022 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Basic Jun 2022 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Advanced Jun 2022 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Basic Sep'22 Edition
Rajandran R
Quantzilla 2.0 Advanced Sep'22 Edition
Rajandran R

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