Option Hydra 3.0 July 2021 Edition

Everything you need to know about Trading Options using Market Profile

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What you will learn?

Option Hydra is an online mentorship program for option traders (Beginner level & Intermediate) who you want to explore the world of options with deeper insights and gaining knowledge on properly applying the option strategies properly.

Tools Used

Option Action - Options Analysis Tool
Tradingview - Equity Market Charts
Amibroker - Futures and Option Charts
Ninjatrader 8 ( 6 hours of addon course is included with this bundle)

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What is Covered in the Course?

Introduction to Options

Session 1 - Understanding Option & Basic Option Terminologies

  • Option Buyer Vs Option Sellers
  • Option Terminologies (Strike Price, Open Interest, Lot Size, Option Chain)
  • Different Types of Option Contracts
  • Understanding How Institution Hedge their Positions
  • Debit Strategies Vs Credit Strategies
  • Understanding ATM, ITM & OTM Option
  • Intrinsic Value Vs Extrinsic Value (Time Value)
  • Which Strike Price One should Select - Trading Scenarios

Session 2 - Understanding Payoff Graph, Margin Requirement for Various Trading Strategies

  • Introduction to Option Pricing
  • Introduction to F&O Margin Components
  • How to use the Margin Calculator and Importance of use the Margin Calculator
  • New Margin Calculation as per SEBI regulations
  • Cash Secured Put Strategy for Investors
  • Exercising Options (European Options Vs American Options)
  • Cash Delivery Vs Compulsory Physical Delivery
  • How to Interpret the Open interest Charts
  • How to take a view using Open Interest and Price Structure
  • Understanding Theta Decay
  • Weekly Options Vs Monthly Options
  • Understanding the Payoff Graph of Long Call Options and Long Put Options
  • Understanding the Payoff Graph of Short Call Options and Short Put Options

Session 3 - Understanding Top-down Approach, Volatility, Implied Volatility

  • How to Apply Top-down approach to take an objective view in the Market
  • How to Understand the Market Structure?
  • How to get a Trading Perspective?
  • Importance of Measuring the Volatility
  • Understanding Implied Volatility
  • Realized Volatility Vs Unrealized Volatility
  • Introduction to Volatility Skew
  • How to retrieve historical option data open interest from NSE india portal
  • Importance of reading India VIX

Session 4 - Event Trading, Volatility Skew, IV Percentile, and IV Rank

  • IV percentile & IV Rank
  • Classification of Strategies with IV percentile
  • Event Trading and the Options Premium Behavior during Events
  • Implied Volatility Crush during Event
  • How to trade Options during event
  • Simple Price Action Pattern in Trading Events
  • How to Trade Post Market Event and How to Trade Ongoing Event
  • How to Design your options Strategy and efficiently manage your Margin Requirements
  • Different Market Participants and How to read Open Interest data of various Market Players

Session 5 - Option Greeks and Hedging

  • Understanding the Option Greeks
  • Importance of Option Greeks and Option Premium Behavior (Useful for Option Buyers & Option Sellers)
  • Option Price Behavior Vs Underlying Price Behavior
  • Impact of Gamma on Options Impact
  • Lottery tickets on Expiry and Emotional Trading Sentiment on Expiry Day
  • Understanding Nifty IV and IV Percentile Graph
  • Call Side Volatility Skew Vs Put Side Volatility Skew
  • Speculations of Stock Options and How to benefit from the behavior
  • Q&A Session

Introduction to Option Strategies

Session 6 : Vertical Spreads, Ladders & Covered Call Strategies

  • Understanding Bull Call Spread & Bear Put Spread
  • Understanding Bull Put Spread & Bear Call Spread
  • Trading Scenarios for various trading strategies
  • What-If Scenarios for Vertical Spread
  • Strike Price Impact due to Corporate Action
  • How to Select Optimal Strikes for Vertical Spread
  • Understanding OI Live and OI EOD to measure the Institutional Positions
  • Margin Requirements for Vertical Spreads
  • Vertical Spreads vs Ladder Strategies
  • Covered Call Strategies
  • Best Trading Practices for Executing Vertical spreads

Session 7 : Calendar Spreads and Diagonal Spread Strategies

  • What is Synthetic Covered Call
  • Understanding Vertical Spread, Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spreads
  • Expiry Trading Vs Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spreads
  • Margin Requirement for Calendar Spreads and Diagonal Spreads
  • Leap Options, Liquidity in Options
  • How to achieve consistent returns and reduced risk using Option Spread Strategies
  • Understanding Payoff Graph for Diagonal Spreads and How to select Option Strikes
  • Constructing Safer Strategies using Spreads, Risk-Reward Analysis
  • Income Trading Strategy Double Diagonal Spreads
  • Income Trading Strategy Double Calendar Spreads
  • Best Trading Practices and Learning from Mentor Experience
  • Reverse Calendar Spreads - Neutral Strategies

Session 8: Straddles, Strangles, Long Butterfly & Iron Condor Strategies

  • What is Volatility?
  • Volatility Trading Principles
  • What makes the market to go sideways?
  • Policy Measures and Market Reaction to the Policy Measures
  • Trend Vs Balance
  • How to Execute Option Strategies for Small Accounts to get Reduced Margin Benefits
  • Why Leveraged Strangles and Strangles are Dangerous to Execute
  • Margin Requirements for Straddles & Strangles
  • How to use the Option Spread AFLs (Requires Amibroker)
  • Implied Volatility and Standard Deviation Move Calculation

Session 9 : Twisted Sister, Chicken Iron Condor and Framework for Designing Option Strategies

  • When to Execute Twisted Sister Trading Strategy
  • Margin Requirement for Twisted Sister Trading Strategy
  • Twisted Sister Vs Jade Lizard
  • Chicken Iron Condor and Variation of Chicken Iron condor
  • Collar Options Trading Strategy
  • Framework for Designing Option Strategies

Session 10 : Introduction to Option Adjustments

  • What is Option Adjustments
  • Importance of Option Adjustments
  • Debit Spread Adjustment
  • Credit Spread Adjustment
  • Probability of ITM
  • Best Trading Practices and How to manage the risk

Option Hydra 3.0 - Advanced is an online mentorship program for option traders to take advantage of modern market profile concepts. Traders will be learning to build option strategies based on the market profile context which in turn helps traders to manage their risk and improve their probability of winning.

Session 1 - Understanding Market Profile Basics

  • Introduction to Auction Process and Auction Market theory
  • Introduction to Market Profile / Volume Profile
  • Understanding Price Discovery Process
  • Basic Building Blocks of Market Profile (TPOs, Initial Balance, Value Area, Point of Control, Tails, Range Extension)
  • Importance of Point of Control and Value Area
  • Market Profile Terminologies
  • What to Observe from Market Profile Charts
  • Ninjatrader 8 TPO Settings (Optimal)

Session 2 - Understanding Market Participants and Market Structures

  • Understanding Different Market Participants
  • Characteristics of Different Market Participants
  • Introduction to Trading Inventory
  • Balanced and Imbalanced Markets
  • Understanding Excess and Balance
  • Understanding Poor Lows & Good Tails
  • Understanding the importance of Single Print Zones
  • The behavior of Value Area in a Sideways and Trending Markets
  • Understanding Anomalies and Poor Structure
  • Initial Auction Vs Initial Balance
  • Importance of Initial Auction

Section 3 - Brief Introduction to Point of Control and Point of Control Strategies

  • Deep Introduction to Point of Control.
  • How to Monitor Developing Point of Control?
  • Introduction to Prominent Point of Control and the importance in day to day trading.
  • What is R-PPOC and the Importance of R-PPOC levels?
  • POC Non Migration Vs POC Migration
  • What are Weaker POC and the usage of WPOC in day to day trading?
  • Back to Back Prominent POC
  • POC Rejection based Trading Strategies
  • Slingshot Trading Strategies using Prominent POC
  • Exponential Promeint POC
  • 45 Degree line

Section 4 - Introduction to Profile Structures and Visual References

  • Different Types of Profile Structures ( Normal, Normal Variation, Neutral, Trend Day, Double Distribution Days, P shape and b shape structures)
  • What is visual references
  • How to use visual references for Intraday and Positional Trading
  • Importance of Rally High and Pullback Low references
  • Importance of Halfback and Intrabar halfback references
  • Importance of Day timeframe references
  • Importance of POC as visual references
  • Psychological reference as visual references
  • Poor lows Vs AB Poor Lows Vs Weaker References
  • R-PPOC Touch Vs WPOC references
  • Early Morning High as Visual Reference
  • How to Carry Visual references

Section 5 - Introduction to Short Term references - Part 1

  • ​​​​​​Understanding Acceptance Vs Rejection
  • Understanding Short term references
  • Introduction to P/b shape references and Trading scenarios
  • Spikes,Spike references and Spike Trading Rules
  • Types of Spikes
  • Short Term References from Double Distribution and Triple Distribution
  • Inside Bars and Short Term References
  • Prominent POC as Reference
  • Introduction to Failed Auction and Auction Scenarios

Section 6 - Introduction to Short Term references - Part 2

  • Introduction to G2/G3 High/Low References for Intraday Trading
  • Introduction to Stealth Auction
  • Classification of Weaker ORR and Stronger ORR as Short term reference
  • Gap and Gap Trading Rules
  • Excess and One timeframing
  • How to Handle 45 degree line days and Positioning
  • Anomalies and WPOC
  • Poor High/Poor lows
  • Exponential Poor High/Poor Lows
  • Uncleared AB Poor High/Poor Lows
  • Double/Triple Mechanical References

Section 7 - Trading Sideways Markets using Dynamic Volume Profile

  • Introduction to Dynamic Volume Profile
  • Volume Profile Vs Dynamic Volume Profile
  • HVN, LVN
  • Comparison of Price based point of control vs Volume Based Point of Control
  • 8 Balance Trading Principles

Section 8 - Market Profile Top and Bottom Formation Patterns

  • 22 Top and Bottom Formation Market Profile Patterns
  • Best Trading Practices and Money Management Practices

Live Training Sessions

Section 1 - Introduction to Market Confidence

  • Different Market opening Types and market confidence
  • How to Measure Market Confidence during live markets
  • Initial Auction Vs Point of Control
  • Profile Structures and Market Confidence
  • What is Confidence Monitor?
  • How to take trades using market confidence

​​​​​​​Section 2 - How to Observe the Auction

  • How to do top down analysis
  • How to observe the Value area and Point of Control during live markets
  • Importance of the objectivity during market profile analysis
  • How to Prepare the Market Profile Sheet

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Section 3 - AB/ABC Elongation Intraday Trade Setups

  • ​​​​​​​AB/ABC Elongation - 3 Mean Reversion Setups
  • AB/ABC Elongation - 5 Trend Following Setups
  • Stoploss Rules and Target Levels

​​​​​​​Section 4 - One timeframing Patterns

  • One timeframing Patterns - 3 Mean Reversion Setups
  • One timeframing Patterns - 5 Trend Following Setups
  • Stoploss Rules and Target Levels

Program Fee

Rs.12,500(Inclusive of all Tax)

What Access is Provided Along with the Course

  • 1 Year Access to Current Option Hydra Basic Module and Access to Previous Option Hydra Session (Recent & Previous Session)
  • Access to Slack Community Chat for Lifetime 
  • Complimentary access to Ninjatrader 8-mini-course worth of Rs.1500/-
  • Complimentary access to Things you need to know about Full-time trading-mini-course

Rs.22,500(Inclusive of all Tax)

What Access is Provided Along with the Course

  • 1 Year Access to Current Option Hydra Advanced Module and Access to Previous Option Hydra Session (Recent & Previous Session)
  • Access to Slack Community Chat
  • Complimentary access to Ninjatrader 8 -mini-course worth of Rs.1500/-
  • Complimentary access to Things you need to know about Full-time trading - mini-course
  • Complimentary access to Certification Mini Course on Options Trading Worth of Rs.5000/-

Basic + Advanced : Rs.35000(Inclusive of all Tax)

What Access is Provided Along with the Course

  • 1 Year Access to Current Option Hydra Advanced Module and Access to Previous Option Hydra Session (Recent & Previous Session)
  • Access to Slack Community Chat
  • Complimentary access to Ninjatrader 8 - mini-course Worth of Rs.1500/-
  • Complimentary access to Things you need to know about Full-time trading - mini-course
  • Market Profile - Community Webinar
  • BellMarketprofile Pro Trail for 1 month
  • Complimentary access to Traderscafe 1st Edition (30Days) worth of Rs.5900/-


Package Contents

Option Hydra 3.0 Basic July 2021 Edition
Rajandran R
Traderscafe 1st Edition
Rajandran R
Mini Certification on Index Options Trading
Rajandran R
Option Hydra 3.0 Advanced - July 2021 Edition
Rajandran R
Practical Approach to Ninjatrader 8 Platform
Rajandran R

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What is market profile?

Market Profile is an Institutional grade visualization tool which explain what kind of trading behavior is happening in the markets.

What Will You Learn?

Foundational Futures & Options Trading Basics, Understanding Option Greeks, Volatility, Time Decay and Option Tools etc.,

Why market profile is used in option Hydra?

Market Profile in Option Hydra helps traders to take view based trading and also to manage their risk.

Do I get post training support?

Yes, We do provide post training support in the Community webinar(Lifetime Support).

What is a community webinar?

Community webinar are currently accessible only to workshop participants to enhance their Trading Skills. In a month 1-2 hours will be dedicated to learn the existing concepts better and if any new strategies are implemented it will be part of community webinar.

Is there any chat support during live markets?

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