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Option Hydra 4.0 Apr 2022 Edition

India's Biggest Options Mentorship Program Using Market Profile

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

$505 including GST

Begins On : 09 Apr 2022

Time : 10.00 AM to 04.30 PM


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Bank: Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd
Account No: 200001351550
Branch : Thillainagar
IFSC : ESFB0001017

What you will learn?

What you will be learning from the Training ?

Session - 1
Why to Analyze Futures Charts to Trade Options
How to Trade In the Money Options (ITM Options)
Trading Options Discretionarily Vs Trading Options Systematically
Deeper Introduction to Implied Volatility
Understanding Bull Market Volatility Vs Bear Market Volatility

Session - 2
How to use Extreme Indications and PPOC tools to positon intraday using options
Option Trading Strategies for High Volatile Markets
Option Trading Strategies for Low Volatile Markets
Trade Locations and Trade Setups to trade OTM Options
Trading Systems Vs Options Trading
Trading ITM Options to control your drawdowns
Automated Option Exection from Tradingview

Session - 3
How to Apply Top-down approach to take an objective view in the Market
How to Understand the Market Structure?
How to get a Trading Perspective?
Importance of Measuring the Volatility
Understanding Implied Volatility
Realized Volatility Vs Unrealized Volatility
Introduction to Volatility Skew
Importance of reading India VIX

Session - 4
IV percentile & IV Rank
Classification of Strategies with IV percentile
Event Trading and the Options Premium Behavior during Events
Implied Volatility Crush during Event
How to trade Options during event
Simple Price Action Pattern in Trading Events
How to Trade Post Market Event and How to Trade Ongoing Event
How to Design your options Strategy and efficiently manage your Margin Requirements
Different Market Participants and How to read Open Interest data of various Market Players

Session - 5
Introduction to Auction Process and Auction Market theory
Introduction to Market Profile / Volume Profile
Understanding Price Discovery Process
Basic Building Blocks of Market Profile (TPOs, Initial Balance, Value Area, Point of Control, Tails, Range Extension)
Importance of Point of Control and Value Area
Market Profile Terminologies
What to Observe from Market Profile Charts
Ninjatrader 8 TPO Settings (Optimal)
Understanding Market Participants and Market Structures
Understanding Different Market Participants

Session - 6
Characteristics of Different Market Participants
Introduction to Trading Inventory
Balanced and Imbalanced Markets
Understanding Excess and Balance
Understanding Poor Lows & Good Tails
Understanding the importance of Single Print Zones
The behavior of Value Area in a Sideways and Trending Markets
Understanding Anomalies and Poor Structure
Initial Auction Vs Initial Balance
Importance of Initial Auction

Session 7
Deep Introduction to Point of Control.
How to Monitor Developing Point of Control?
Introduction to Prominent Point of Control and the importance in day to day trading.
What is R-PPOC and Importance of R-PPOC levels?
POC Non Migration Vs POC Migration.
What are Weaker POC and the usage of WPOC in day to day trading?
Back to Back Prominent POC
POC Rejection based Trading Strategies
Slingshot Trading Strategies using Promient POC
Exponential Promeint POC
45 Degree line
Extreme Emotional Gap with PPOC as primary target.

Session 8
Different Types of Profile Structures ( Normal, Normal Variation, Neutral, Trend Day, Double Distribution Days, P shape and b shape structures)
Introduction to Profile Structures and Visual References
What is visual references
How to use visual references for Intraday and Positional Trading
Importance of Rally High and Pullback Low references
Importance of Halfback and Intrabar halfback references
Importance of Day timeframe references
Importance of POC as visual references
Psychological reference as visual references
Poor lows Vs AB Poor Lows Vs Weaker References
R-PPOC Touch Vs WPOC references
Early Morning High as Visual Reference
How to Carry Visual references

Session 9
Different Market opening Types and market confidence
How to Measure Market Confidence during live markets
Initial Auction Vs Point of Control
Profile Structures and Market Confidence
What is Confidence Monitor?

Session 10
How to do top down analysis
How to observe the Value area and Point of Control during live markets
Importance of the objectivity during market profile analysis
2nd Week Weekly Expiry
How to Prepare the Market Profile Sheet.

Session 11
Introduction to Short Term references - Part 1
Understanding Acceptance Vs Rejection
Understanding Short term references
Introduction to P/b shape references and Trading scenarios

Session 12
Spikes,Spike references and Spike Trading Rules
Types of Spikes
Short Term References from Double Distribution and Triple Distribution
Inside Bars and Short Term References
Prominent POC as Reference
Introduction to Failed Auction and Auction Scenarios

Session 13
Introduction to G2/G3 High/Low References for Intraday Trading
Introduction to Stealth Auction
Classification of Weaker ORR and Stronger ORR as Short term reference
Gap and Gap Trading Rules
Excess and One timeframing

Session 14
How to Handle 45 degree line days and Positioning
Anomalies and WPOC
Poor High/Poor lows
Exponential Poor High/Poor Lows
Uncleared AB Poor High/Poor Lows
Double/Triple Mechanical References

Session 15
AB/ABC Elongation Intraday Trade Setups
AB/ABC Elongation
AB/ABC Elongation
Introduction to Ninjatrader and Settings
3rd Week Weekly Expiry
Stoploss Rules and Target Levels

Session 16
Options Trading Best Practices
Market Profile Best Practices
Handling Expiry Day trades
Risk Management in Option Trading 

Traderscafe (Live Market Training - 2 hours per day)

  • Live Commentary on Market Profile and Orderflow
  • Identify Intraday and Positional Trading Opportunities using Market Profile and Orderflow
  • Analyze the underlying market sentiment
  • Spot both sideways and trending markets
  • Learn to trade the odd based trading using market profile
  • Understand the Market Structure and learn what the trading competition thinks
  • Learn to control trading emotions and focus on the trading odds


  • Basic Introduction to Options
  • Basic Futures and Options Trading Concepts

Features / Benefits

  •  Tradestudio 3 Months
  •  Algomojo 3 Months
  •  Previous and Current Recording session access For One Year
  •  Certification Mini Course on Market Profile Worth of Rs.2500
  •  Pratical Approach to Ninjatrader 8 Platorm Worth of Rs.1500
  •  Private Trading community access for Lifetime

Package Contents

Mini Certification Course on Options Trading using Market Profile
Rajandran R
Option Hydra 4.0 - Apr 2022 Edition
Rajandran R
Mini Certification in Options Trading Strategies
Rajandran R
Practical Approach to Ninjatrader 8 Platform
Rajandran R
Option Hydra 4.0 - Jan'22 Edition
Rajandran R
Certification Mini Course on Market Profile
Rajandran R (Founder - Marketcalls / Co-Founder - Algomojo )

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