Topic: Option Trading for Beginners - The Ultimate Guide [Mini Certification Course]

In this course, you learn the basics of options trading and how to trade options, how not to trade options, and how to understand the options trading environment better than your trading competition. How to understand volatility better than anybody else. And all your basic doubts in OptionsTrading get it clarified.  Earn a Certification at the End of the completion of the course.

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Language: English

Instructor: Rajandran R


Duration: 6.5+Hours


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Options Trading for Beginners - The Ultimate Guide - Part I

  • Introduction to Options
  • Basic Option Characteristics (Expiration, Strike Price, Contract Multiplier)
  • Intrinsic Value Vs Extrinsic Value
  • In-the-Money (ITM), Out-of-the-Money (OTM), At-the-Money (ATM)
  • Buying Options Vs Shorting Options
  • Options Premium Decay on Expiry Days

Beginners Guide to Open Interest Analysis - Part II

  • Volume Vs Open Interest
  • EOD Open Interest Vs Live Open Interest What is the difference
  • How Open Interest helps traders to take a view in the markets
  • Can we predict markets using open interest?
  • can open interest can be used to find support or resistance levels?

Beginners Guide to Options Greeks - Part III

  • Introduction to Option Greeks
  • How to use Option Greeks for Trading
  • Does Learning Greeks are Necessary for Options Trading?
  • Option Greeks and Options Pricing Model

How not to trade in Options - Part IV

  •  List of Common Mistakes Made by Option Traders
  • Who should not trade weekly options
  • Who should not write/sell naked options, straddles, strangles
  • Market Expectation Vs Option Buying What could go wrong
  • How to fix common mistakes made by option traders

Course Curriculum

Option Trading for Beginners - Ultimate Guide (Part 1) (114:00)
Option Trading for Begineers - Ultimate Guide Part 1 (22 pages)
Beginners Guide to Open Interest Analysis - Ultimate Guide (Part 2) (91:00)
Beginners Guide to Option Greeks - Ultimate Guide (Part 3) (81:00)
Begineers Guide to How Not to Trade Options - Ultimate Guide (Part 4) (100:00)

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