Topic: Option Trading for Beginners - The Ultimate Guide

How not to trade in Options 

Language: English

Instructor: Rajandran R

Date: 03-April-2021

Time: 08:00 - 09:00 PM

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Option Trading for Beginners - The Ultimate Guide - Part I

  • Introduction to Options
  • Basic Option Characteristics (Expiration, Strike Price, Contract Multiplier)
  • Intrinsic Value Vs Extrinsic Value
  • In-the-Money (ITM), Out-of-the-Money (OTM), At-the-Money (ATM)
  • Buying Options Vs Shorting Options
  • Option Premium Decay on Expiry Days

Beginners Guide to Open Interest Analysis - Part II

  • Volume Vs Open Interest
  • EOD Open Interest Vs Live Open Interest What is the difference
  • How Open Interest helps traders to take a view in the markets
  • Can we predict markets using open interest?
  • can open interest can be used to find support or resistance levels?

Beginners Guide to Option Greeks - Part III

  • Introduction to Option Greeks
  • How to use Option Greeks for Trading
  • Does Learning Greeks are Necessary for Options Trading?
  • Option Greeks and Options Pricing Model

How not to trade in Options - Part IV

  •  List of Common Mistakes Made by Option Traders
  • Who should not trade weekly options
  • Who should not write/sell naked options, straddles, strangles
  • Market Expectation Vs Option Buying What could go wrong
  • How to fix common mistakes made by option traders

Course Curriculum

Option Trading for Beginners - Ultimate Guide (Part 1) (114:00)
Option Trading for Begineers - Ultimate Guide Part 1 (22 pages)
Beginners Guide to Open Interest Analysis - Ultimate Guide (Part 2) (91:00)
Beginners Guide to Option Greeks - Ultimate Guide (Part 3) (81:00)
Begineers Guide to How Not to Trade Options - Ultimate Guide (Part 4) (100:00)

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