TRADEZILLA 5.0 - Nov 2021 Edition

Discover Your Trading Edge Using Market Profile and Order flow


Language: English

Instructor: Rajandran R

Date : 13 - Nov 2021

Time : 10.00 AM to 04.30 PM

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Course Curriculum

Market Profile Basics Part I - 10:00 AM IST 13 - Nov - 2021 (149:00)
Market Profile Basics Part II - 2:00 PM IST 13 - Nov - 2021 (126:00)
Point of Control Based Strategies - Part I - 10:00 AM IST 14 - Nov - 2021 (124:00)
Point of Control Based Strategies - Part II - 2:00 PM IST 14 - Nov - 2021 (109:00)
Orderflow - Part 1 - 10:00 AM IST 20 - Nov - 2021 (121:00)
Orderflow - Part 2 - 2:00 PM IST 20 - Nov - 2021 (113:00)
Orderflow - Part 3 - 10:15 AM IST 21 - Nov - 2021 (101:00)
Orderflow - Part 4 - 2:00 PM IST 21 - Nov - 2021 (136:00)
Live Morning Session - 10:15 AM IST 27 - Nov - 2021
Live Afternoon Session - 2:00 PM IST 27 - Nov - 2021
Live Morning Session - 10:00 AM IST 28 - Nov - 2021
Live Afternoon Session - 2:00 PM IST 28 - Nov - 2021
Live Morning Session - 10:00 AM IST 04 - Dec - 2021
Live Afternoon Session - 2:00 PM IST 04 - Dec - 2021
Live Morning Session - 10:00 AM IST 05 - Dec - 2021
Live Afternoon Session - 2:00 PM IST 05 - Dec - 2021

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What is Tradezilla 5.0?

Tradezilla 5.0 is an online mentorship event focused on short-term / intraday trading primarily for wanna-be full-time derivative traders. Tradezilla 5.0 focuses on concepts like Market Profile, Orderflow, Options Trading, hedged strategies,
system trading, market microstructure. It is an institutional grade technical analysis program that uses an adaptive hybrid approach (Systematic + Discretionary) concept to read the markets to trade in any market conditions.

Why the Course is 3 months long ?

The analysis provided is in-depth and requires repeated practice to get the screen Time experience. Hence a 3 month of training exercise could provide traders to learn the adaptive approach.

How I can continue training sessions post the course ?

You can consider using our private trading community in slack + one can also continue the daily live training session by enrolling in Traderscafe.

What is Traderscafe ? 

Traderscafe is an online hangout place for traders who want to increase their screen Time expertise along with us. Tradescafe comes as a 3 month of complimentary subscription along with Tradezilla 5.0 Mentorship course.
Traders will be learning mostly the principles of Market Profile, Orderflow, Trading Systems, Trading Psychology, Market Sentiment..

What are the live markets we focus on ? 

At this point, we focus only on Nifty, Bank Nifty Futures, and Top 10 heavyweight stocks.

I am a Beginner in the Markets can I join ? 

Absolutely, However, ensure that you have basic knowledge of Futures and Options concepts.

I trade in cash Markets can I join ?

The trading principles that we are teaching fit most of the high liquid counters. However live sessions and examples will be mostly from the derivative segments (Futures and Options)

Do you Focus on Commodity/Currency /Crypto Markets ? 

Not at this point. However the concepts that we teach is applied to all the asset classes

What are the pre-requisites of the course ? 

For practice, purpose traders should come up with Amibroker, Ninjatrader tools which are free to download. Occasionally we also use Tradingview/Opstra tools (Free Plans)

I'm a MAC/Linux user can I join the session ?

For practice purpose it is highly recommended to use Windows as Amibroker/Ninjatrader is built to work only in windows environment.

Is Market Profile/Orderflow Tools Mandatory ?

Yes. 80% of the course covers Market Profile/Orderflow concepts.

Is Market Profile/Orderflow Tools Mandatory ?

Yes. 80% of the course covers Market Profile/Orderflow concepts.

Do you Provide Market Profile/Orderflow Templates ? 

Yes we do.

Do you provide any promises on returns ?  

Absolutely not. We provide actionable insights from a short term trading/intraday trading, Objective framework, teach traders to monitor trading conditions, help traders to identify good trade locations and more than that we help traders to improve their learning curve towards a sustainable trading environment.

What are the other benefits of attending the sessions ?

  1. You will be getting a course completion certificate on completing both Live & Recorded Modules
  2. Access to Live & Recorded Webinars
  3. Complimentary access to Basic Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Market Profile sessions (1 Year Access)
  4. Complimentary access to Tradestudio 6.1 (till the duration of the course)
  5. Complimentary access to Slack (Lifetime Access)

Can I Trade What you teach during live markets ? 

It is highly recommended traders listen to the concepts. As the concepts are intensive more focused attention and deliberate focus is required to achieve a faster screentime experience. Traders who trade during an education session have a terrible trading performance.

What is the Market Profile based Intraday Trading Strategies you teach ? 

  1. Intraday Trading Setups cover - Trading at the Open
  2. Early Morning Momentum Trading Setups
  3. Mid Day One timeframe Setups
  4. Gap Trading Setups
  5. Breakout Failure Setups
  6. Balanced Trading Approach
  7. Predicting the Trending Odds
  8. Predicting the Short covering/Long Liquidation Odds
  9. Trades based on Trading Inventory
  10. Trades based on Point of Control based Setup.

What is the Orderflow based Intraday Trading Strategies you teach? 

  1. Opening Bar Trade Recognition
  2. Zero Volume Zones
  3. Clustered Volume Analysis
  4. Delta Positioning
  5. Delta Unwinding
  6. Exhaustion Bar Trading Setups
  7. Momentum Reversals
  8. Momentum Auction Reversals
  9. Absorption Range Breakouts
  10. Secure Low (Strong Secure Low Vs Weak Secure Low)
  11. Trapped Buyers/Trapped Sellers
  12. Analyzing the COT (Commitment of Trades)
  13. Trend Day Odds using Orderflow
  14. Triple Delta Exhaustion
  15. Low Volume Market Tops
  16. Breakout Failure Setups
  17. Analyzing the Volume Flow for the Day
  18. Event Trading
  19. Stacked Momentum Trading
  20. Orderflow Sweeping
  21. Momentum Exhaustion and Delta Divergence Trade Setups
  22. Recognising Stop Hunting
  23. R-Delta Trading Strategies
  24. COT Breakout Failure.

What are the Option Trading Strategies you teach ? 

  1. Vertical Spreads, Calendar, Diagonal Spreads
  2. Straddle/Strangles
  3. Hedged Futures
  4. Naked Options Trading (Intraday/Positional)


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