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Quantzilla 2.0 Advanced - June 2021 Edition

Learn to code Quant strategies

Everything you need to know about Designing Trading Systems and Algorithmic Trading

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Language: English

Instructor: Rajandran R

Validity Period: 365 days

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What you will learn?

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 1

  • What is Quant Trading?
  • How Amibroker can be used for Automated Trading
  • Trading Logic Vs Execution Logic
  • Understanding the API Functions & API Documentation
  • Testing the API using Postman
  • Building your First Execution Module

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 2

  • Creating a Positional Trading System + Execution Module using Amibroker
  • How to Read the Position Book and Bring Intelligence in Execution Modules
  • How to handle stoploss based trading in Execution Modules
  • How to Squareoff the Positions automatically by reading the position book

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 3

  • Creating a Bracket Order & Cover Order Execution Modules
  • Creating a Intraday Trading System with BO/CO Orders
  • How to Create Bracket Order & Cover Order Trading Strategies.
  • Implementing ExitAllOrders, ExitALLBoOrders, ExitAllCoOrders

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 4

  • Implementing Slicing of Orders in Amibroker for Large Orders
  • Time-Based Execution
  • Creating Execution Modules for Pair Trading Strategies
  • Introduction to Slippages and Slippage Handling with Algos
  • Strategy Optimization, Walk forward and Monte Carlo

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 5

  • Option Basic Terminologies
  • Option Payoff Graph
  • Options Pricing
  • How to Send Option Orders using Futures/Spot Charts

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 6

  • Understanding Options Greek and Creating Live Option Greek Charts using Amibroker
  • Designing a Hedge Futures using Amibroker and the importance of Hedged Futures
  • Designing a Trading System that fires orders in options based on Futures charts

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 7

  • Understanding Vertical Spreads, Calendar & Diagonal Spreads
  • Scalping the Spreads using Amibroker
  • How to Create an Expiry Day Automated Scalping System using Amibroker.
  • Designing Multi Legged Option Trading Strategies with Risk Management

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 8

  • Portfolio Trading Strategies and Implementing with Execution Modules
  • How to select a Portfolio of stocks
  • Evaluating portfolio & strategy performance
  • Risk Management: Risk evaluation & mitigation, risk control systems
  • Position Sizing & Kelly Criterion

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 9

  • How to Implement Straddle & Strangle using Amibroker
  • How to Implement Gamma Scalping using Amibroker

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 10

  • What is an Options Trading Adjustment
  • How to Implement Option Trading Adjustments
  • Best Trading & Coding Practices

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Learn from India’s leading Market Profile Mentor

Mr.Rajandran from Marketcalls

He is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos,discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis.He now instructs users all over the world,from experienced traders,professional traders to individual traders.

Program Fee :-

Quantzilla Advanced:Rs.17,500 (Inclusive of all Taxes)

What's Included in the Price

Features / Benefits

  • Total 30 hours of Course Content
  • Tradestudio 3 Months
  • Previous and Current Recording session access For One Year
  • Amibroker Backtesting and Amibroker Scanner and Exploration Course access worth of Rs.4000
  • Introduction to Rotational Trading Worth of Rs.2000
  • Certification course on Amibroker Basic course Worth of Rs.1000
  • Mini Certification course on Algorithmic Trading Strategies Worth of Rs.2500
  • Private Trading community access

Course Curriculum

Algomojo Library AFL Module ( Updated - 9th July 2021 )
QuantZilla Advanced - Day1 - Building Trade Execution Modules (186:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 1 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day2 - Building Trade Execution Modules and Time Based Execution Modules (196:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 2 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day3 - Building Smart Execution Modules (214:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 3 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day4 - Traffic Lights , Split Orders, Order Status and Order Modification (238:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 4 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day5 - Options Trading and Execution of Option Orders (210:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 5 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day6 - Building a Straddle Module right from scratch (180:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 6 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day7 - Building a Auto Rollover Module (168:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 7 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day8 - Building Option Greeks Module (138:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 8 - Download AFL Code
QuantZilla Advanced - Day9 - Introduction to Option Adjustments (164:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day10 - Introduction to Time Series Analysis, Pair Trading, Cointegration & ADF Test (200:00)
QuantZilla Advanced - Day 10 - Download AFL Code
Live Training Session - 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM IST - 09-Jul-2021

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  Frequently Asked Questions

When will I have access to the course content, including videos and strategies?

You will gain access to the entire course content including videos and strategies, as soon as you complete the payment and successfully enroll in the course.

Will I get a certificate at the completion of the course?

Yes, you will be awarded a certification of excellence after successfully completing the online learning units.

Is there any support available after I purchase the course?

Yes, you will be provided access to the lifetime Slack Community. Where you can ask your queries related to Trading System Design and Development.

Is the course downloadable?

Presentation material, AFL codes discussed in the Qunatzilla module will available for Download.

Is there a refund available?

We respect your time and hence, we offer concise but effective short-term courses created under professional guidance. We try to offer the most value within the shortest time. Once a purchase is made, we offer complete course content. We follow no refund policy.

What are the system requirements to do this course?

Fast-speed internet connection and a browser application are required for this course. For best experience, use Chrome.


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