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Certification Course on Amibroker Basics (prerequisite for Quantzilla)

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Language: English

Instructor: Rajandran R

Validity Period: 365 days

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Name: Finfolab Technologies LLP
Bank: Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd
Account No: 200001351550
Branch: Thillainagar
IFSC : ESFB0001017

What you will learn?

Amibroker Basics - Day 1

1)Installing Amibroker
2)How to Explore the Features of Amibroker
3)Amibroker and Database
4)Realtime Datafeeds and EOD data feeds
5)Importing ASCII data, CSV data into the database
6)Importing Metastock Database / Connecting to Metastock Database
7)Understanding Tick Data, 1minute Data, EOD data, and Datafeeds

Amibroker Basics - Day 2

1)Using Multiple Chart Planes
2)Custom Intraday Timeframes
3)Different Types of Bars (Line, Bar, Heiken Ashi, Renko, Market Profile, Kagi, P&F Charts)
4)Understanding Layouts, Templates, Tabs & Sheets
5)Understanding Layers
6)Understanding Drawing Tools (Trendlines, Channels, Fibonacci Retracements and Apply Indicators
7)Split and Bonus Adjustments
8)Continous Vs Non-Continous Contracts

Amibroker Basics - Day 3

1)Built-in Indicators
2)Creating Custom Indicators
3)How to Get Custom Indicators and Strategies from External Source
4)Scanning and Exploration
5)Creating Buy and Sell Trading System with Signals
6)Backtesting a Trading System

Amibroker Basics - Day 4

1)Free Version Vs Paid License Difference
2)Automating your trades using Amibroker
3)Optimizing a Trading Strategy using Amibroker
4)Configuring Alerts in Amibroker
5)Installing Amibroker in VPS
6)Things to handle while automating your Trading System
7)Resources for Learning Amibroker

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Amibroker and Database Handling - Day 1 (163:00)
Different Price Style in Amibroker and Exploring the Trading Edge - Day 2 (159:00)
Amibroker AFL Downloads
Amibroker Trading Signals and Backtesting Trading Systems - Day 3
Amibroker AFL Downloads
Amibroker Scanners, Exploration and Drawing Tools
Amibroker AFL Downloads
Amibroker Automated Trading and Trading System Optimization

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