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Certification Mini Course on Market Profile

Learn the Basics of Market Profile and Market Profile Trading Strategies.

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Language: English

Instructor:  Rajandran R

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Name: Finfolab Technologies LLP
Bank: Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd
Account No: 200001351550
Branch: Thillainagar
IFSC : ESFB0001017

What you will learn?

Live Webinar - 16-01-2021 - 08pm IST - - Introduction to Market Profile (Basic Terminologies & Building Blocks), Importance of Halfback, Value Area & Point of Control

-Introduction to Market Profile
-Introduction to Auction Market Theory
-Understanding Point of Control & Value Area
-Importance of Point of Control & Value Area
-Market Profile vs Volume Profile which one to use?
-Setting the TPO Size

Live Webinar - 23-01-2021 - 08pm IST - - Different Types of Profile Structure and How to the importance of Day Types

-Different Profile Structure
-Trading Strategies using Profile Structure
-Identifying New Money/Old Money from Profile Structure
-Understanding Liquidation and visualizing using Market Profile

Live Webinar - 30-01-2021 - 08pm IST - - Market Open Types and How to Read Market Confidence from Open Types

-Market Open Types & Trading Strategies using Market Open Types
-Measuring Market Confidence from Market Open Type
-Balanced Vs Imbalanced Structure
-Poor Structure Vs Symmetric Structure

Live Webinar - 06-02-2021 - 08pm IST - - Simple Trading Strategies using Market Profile

-Point of Control Based Strategies
-Open Drive Setup
-Breakout Failure Trade Setups
-Failed Auction Based Trade Setups
-Weaker References
-How to Prepare for the Trading Day

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Market Profile
Introduction to Market Profile (108:00)
Introduction to Market Profile (26 pages)
Different Types of Profile Structure and importance of Day Types
Introduction to Profile Structure and Day Types (20 pages)
Video Drill Learning : Intraday Weaker Hand Buyers Leading to Liquidation - Trading Strategy
Introduction to Market Open Types and Market Confidence
Introduction to Open Type and Market Confidence (23 pages)
Introduction to Market Profile Trading Strategies
Market Profile Trading Strategies (11 pages)

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